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Top 10 Best Android Apps

1. Cab4Me

Cab4me is the wonder app, in my humble opinion from Konrad Huebner and Henning Boerger’s. It uses Google Maps and GPS software to let you call a cab from wherever you are with a single click. Not only does your phone’s GPS locate your location but also the place of the nearest taxi company.


2. Locale

Born out of an MIT class for writing Android apps and winner of the $275,000 first prize from the Android dev challenge, Locale is one of the most useful Android apps available, and it can turn your phone into a virtual psychic medium. I kid you not. Download the Locale app and your phone will switch to vibrate without you having to tell it to. With the aid of GPS, it will transfer calls to your cell or office number depending on where you are. It will also send automatic Twitter updates detailing your location; that has its downsides, however. Bluetooth proximity is taken to a whole other level that is entirely independent of other mobile devices are nearby.


3. Pic Say

This “drop and drag picture editor” lets you change the pictures on your phone with color correction, highlighting and speech bubbles. Created by developer Eric Wingard, the technology can be used to create event invitations and greetings cards.

Pic Say

4. Softrace

With Softrace you can set up live races with your friends in real time to keep up with their progress.

5. TuneWiki

The open source music-based wiki lets users share the music they’re listening to with others. With the aid of Google Maps, you can see what others around the world are looking too. The app will scroll synchronized lyrics while you play and create a virtual library of songs, hook up to the internet and suggest similar sounding songs or artists tailored to your musical tastes.


6. Wertago

Wertago is the party network app. It lets you coordinate parties with your friends and rate local bars and clubs. To do all this it uses Google Maps API to map out the top nightspots.


7. Life 360

Life360 is your neighbourhood-centric social network that lets you keep up to date with your local community and family for things like street parties and neighborhood barbecues, using GPS location.

Life 360

8. Go Cart

Go Cart is the shopping application that uses a phone’s built-in camera to scan bar codes. Using GPS, the phone searches local stores to find the best prices around. The application lets you read product reviews and set up price alerts whenever prices drop in any of the stores.

9. Ecorio

GPS allows you to check your carbon footprint when you’re driving your car. Your phone will find where you are, determine how long your journey is. After it learns your habits your phone will offer suggestions for car pulling and the best public transport routes. Ecorio was another winner of the $275,000 first prize.


10. Bio Wallet

Not all the apps on the Android use GPS. Bio Wallet uses your phone’s camera as a retina eye scanner to keep sensitive information like bank account details and email passwords safe, or even the handset itself.

The top three Android apps for movie lovers

If you’re the type of person that would describe themselves as a film buff, there are no end of apps you might want to download. However, it’s always good to have a place to start. Here are the first five apps you should be downloading for your shiny new Android device once you’ve unpacked it.

Best for streaming movies – Netflix

There are a few apps out there which promise streaming video content, but Netflix has to be the one with the best catalog of stuff to watch. The company’s fierce competition with LoveFilm has seen it keen to impress us all with the sheer volume of films and TV it can offer on its home service, but only Netflix can boast an incredible mobile app. Not only it smooth and easy to navigate, but if you are lucky enough to have a tablet running on the 4G internet, you’ll be able to stream very smoothly and without interruption while out and about. Of course, you’ll need a monthly subscription to the service, but at just £4.99 per month, it’s pretty decent value.


Best for cinemagoers – Flixster

Of course, having access to streaming movies is great, but what if you want to catch something on the big screen? Well, Flixster has been around for some time now and has evolved into much more than just a cinema listings service. When you open up the app, you’ll be able to set your location, so you are always just a few taps away from knowing your local film times, but you can also see what cinemas are nearby when you are in a different part of the country too. Not only that, but there are reviews, trailers, and more social applications to enjoy with Flixster too. Available free, it’s a no brainer for regular cinemagoers.


Best for settling arguments – IMDB

If you have a home broadband connection, there’s every chance you’ve been tempted to fire up the computer halfway through a movie so that you can find out who made the music or where you’ve seen one of the actors involved before. However, what do you do if you are chatting with a friend over a drink and end up arguing about whether Raiders of the Lost Ark was written by Steven Spielberg or George Lucas? Well if you’re smart you’ll have the IMDB app on your phone ready to settle the argument swiftly and definitively so you can get busy arguing about how Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull killed the series.


Film nerds are well catered for when it comes to apps, but if you have a new, app-free handset, these should be the first three things you should be downloading.

Top 5 Honeycomb Productivity Apps

Most of the tablet owners nowadays are using their Honeycomb tablet not only for web browsing and gaming. With the advancement of computing hardware embedded in the tablets today, it allows the tablet to be more flexible and perform more complex computing. Because of that, it is now widely used by students, business or working people for their complex productive tasks.

There are a lot of productivity apps available in the Android Market that you can download today. To help you narrow down your choices, we will give you our top 5 best Honeycomb productivity apps.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is a free productivity app that lets you sync and stores the files on your Honeycomb tablet easily to your cloud storage, and then you can access them anywhere. Since the app is free, you can only store a limited storage size of 2GB. If you want to have a larger storage space of up to 100GB, then you have to pay the subscription fee.


2. Greader

Greader is not an app developed by Google, but it is a Google Reader client. Created by Noinnion, this app gives you a Google Reader-like ability to read your feed/RSS news at the same time. You will have an intuitive, fast and straightforward user interface that lets you read a full article during offline.


3. QuickOffice Pro HD

QuickOffice Pro HD allows you to edit, view, and create Office documents straight from your Honeycomb tablet. The app can support PDF files, and it will have the ability to access the Office files you stored on the cloud storage or your SD card.

QuickOffice Pro HD

4. Due Today

By using Due Today, you can organize and be reminded of your day-to-day tasks. You can also create tasks annually, monthly, weekly, or daily, like meetings and birthdays. To give you a better reminder service, the app can pin up your created tasks on your tablet’s home screen where you can easily see it.

Due Today

5. Citrix Receiver

If the company you are working is using Citrix to host applications, then you can approve expenses, tune into project dashboards, review documents, and check your email by using Citrix Receiver on your Honeycomb tablet. The Citrix Receiver will also give you remote access to your desktops, docs, and XenApp apps.

Citrix Receiver

If you have a productivity app that you think deserves to be on the list, please share it with us.

Stop the Old Ways, Be Part of Online Business Directory

We are living in a very modern world. Aren’t we? Try to look around you; you will realize that almost all things are done through the help of modern gadgets. With this fact alone, we can say that modernization has turned from being a luxury of some to be a need of every one of us. Just like the recently concluded study by Business2Community.com, this study says that a lot of business people who make use of offline advertisements have realized that online promotion is the most efficient way to reach the potential clients all over the world. If you are an owner of the small entity, you can shift through becoming part of the online business directory. If you wanted your business to get popularized, an online business directory would be very helpful since it is one of the essential tools used by various clients in locating the products and services that they have been looking for.

Why do you need to let your company be listed on the online business directory?

cost you nothing1. It cost you nothing.

It is undeniable that advertisement can be a very harmful activity. For a new starter, it will become burdensome to locate some part of the budget just for promotional activities. Through listing your company in the online business directory, you can be assured that you can get in touch with your potential clients without having the need to expand anything else.


2. It is very user-friendly.

Promotional activities can be tedious since you need to think of the idea that will be attractive to the clients. But once you decide to be part of the online business directory, no tedious works to be done! As a matter of fact, you will take only about 5 minutes to register your entity on the list.

very user-friendly

3. It makes you visible all over the world.

Exposure is very essential, especially to those who are just starting in the business. It must be noted that online business directory will make you visible not only to local clients but general consumers as well. In this way, the bigger opportunity will come to your company. Its popularity level will grow bigger in just a brief period.

4. It is an excellent Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Obviously, when clients are looking for something to buy or some services to avail of, the first place where they will type their request is the search engine such as Google. As a wise businessman, you must make sure that your entity will be part of the list in the search engine once a related keyword is typed in. This is one of the fastest ways for you to widen the client coverage.


Now that you have the knowledge about the online business directory, are you ready to be part of it? This will surely lift the position of your company in the industry. Here is the list of the directories that you can choose from.

1. Google Places

2. Yahoo! Local

3. Yalwa Business Directory

4. Yelp

Top Things That Are Neglected In The Landing Pages Test

If you are just new in the field of networking business, then it will not be surprising if you are also not familiar with the term ‘landing page optimization.’ However, if you are genuinely serious about succeeding in this field, then you will be required to spend most of your time in studying what these landing pages are all about.

The task of picking the right landing pages is not an ordinary thing to do, especially when your knowledge about it is severely restricted and dependent on just what others tell you. While this does not mean that you cannot trust others who will teach you about the landing pages, it is much better if you will make your research and further studies about this matter.

Before you plunge into exploring the landing pages’ significance for your online business, there are several things you need to understand. You have to keep in mind that the point of optimization is to search for the best fit for your business as well as for your target market. This is unquestionably true and must be deeply considered since the products and services of the different companies are not made in the same pattern or mold, which only means that there is no one size fits all method that you can apply here.

However, to make things much easier for you to understand, we will provide the top 3 things that are usually neglected by others. With the aid of this information, you will be able to prevent committing the same mistake that some of these people keep on doing.

call-to-action placement

Here are the three things that deserve your attention:

1. The call-to-action placement. One essential of every landing page is the right placement of your call-to-action aspect.

Take the following as an example:

CTA· The CTA must be placed at the lower page in case your products are classified compound so that it can generate better results.

· In case the products you offered are undemanding and less complicated, then your call-to-action must be placed at the top of the fold for a much better outcome.

2. The importance of the button copy. Another thing that is often neglected is the button text. As you can see, the button copy of your website plays a vital role in your success, because this is the one used by most of your target audiences. Although some will advise making use of the conveying value, experts will remind you that this is not sufficient to guarantee you the best results. What you must do is to make sure that your button copy is relevant to the conversion currently at hand.

3. Information displayed on the landing pages. This is critical since the quantity and quality of the information in your landing page might just be the final push to convince your target market to visit your website and decide to spend some time in it.

After learning the three things that are usually neglected, you now have a much better chance of surpassing what others have achieved in the online business world.



The Hawksbill Creek Agreement (HCA) gave GBPA responsibility for the development, administration and management, and provision of services within an area called the ‘Port Area’ (230 sq. miles). GBPA was mandated by this Agreement to build a deep water harbour, an industrial community and required infrastructure for the City.


GBPA has achieved an astonishing amount since its inception in 1955.  When first created it was a Grand Bahamian business conglomerate charged not only with land and commercial development but also with all the regulatory and administrative functions of the Freeport/Lucaya.


Firstly, I wish to thank Joan Albury and the Counsellors for this platform enabling us to share with the Grand Bahama community, the outlook for our island! 2015 marks the 60th year of the birth of Freeport and the Hawksbill Creek Agreement; 60 years of a partnership between The Government of The Bahamas and The Grand Bahama Port Authority. I’m here to raise hopes for 2015 and to lay a few popular myths to rest – For those who don’t know me, I am Sarah St George.