Top 10 Best Android Apps

1. Cab4Me

Cab4me is the wonder app, in my humble opinion from Konrad Huebner and Henning Boerger’s. It uses Google Maps and GPS software to let you call a cab from wherever you are with a single click. Not only does your phone’s GPS locate your location but also the place of the nearest taxi company.


2. Locale

Born out of an MIT class for writing Android apps and winner of the $275,000 first prize from the Android dev challenge, Locale is one of the most useful Android apps available, and it can turn your phone into a virtual psychic medium. I kid you not. Download the Locale app and your phone will switch to vibrate without you having to tell it to. With the aid of GPS, it will transfer calls to your cell or office number depending on where you are. It will also send automatic Twitter updates detailing your location; that has its downsides, however. Bluetooth proximity is taken to a whole other level that is entirely independent of other mobile devices are nearby.


3. Pic Say

This “drop and drag picture editor” lets you change the pictures on your phone with color correction, highlighting and speech bubbles. Created by developer Eric Wingard, the technology can be used to create event invitations and greetings cards.

Pic Say

4. Softrace

With Softrace you can set up live races with your friends in real time to keep up with their progress.

5. TuneWiki

The open source music-based wiki lets users share the music they’re listening to with others. With the aid of Google Maps, you can see what others around the world are looking too. The app will scroll synchronized lyrics while you play and create a virtual library of songs, hook up to the internet and suggest similar sounding songs or artists tailored to your musical tastes.


6. Wertago

Wertago is the party network app. It lets you coordinate parties with your friends and rate local bars and clubs. To do all this it uses Google Maps API to map out the top nightspots.


7. Life 360

Life360 is your neighbourhood-centric social network that lets you keep up to date with your local community and family for things like street parties and neighborhood barbecues, using GPS location.

Life 360

8. Go Cart

Go Cart is the shopping application that uses a phone’s built-in camera to scan bar codes. Using GPS, the phone searches local stores to find the best prices around. The application lets you read product reviews and set up price alerts whenever prices drop in any of the stores.

9. Ecorio

GPS allows you to check your carbon footprint when you’re driving your car. Your phone will find where you are, determine how long your journey is. After it learns your habits your phone will offer suggestions for car pulling and the best public transport routes. Ecorio was another winner of the $275,000 first prize.


10. Bio Wallet

Not all the apps on the Android use GPS. Bio Wallet uses your phone’s camera as a retina eye scanner to keep sensitive information like bank account details and email passwords safe, or even the handset itself.


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